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Human Elephant Conflict Seminar

Posted on by Jaya

Elephant 2, Pinawala Elephant OrphanageI conducted a seminar at Lunugamvehera National Park about human elephant conflict in association with the Park Warden, Mr Chintaka.

Mr Chintaka is creating an elephant corridor next to the park for the elephants so they can maintain their home range.

It is a big problem in this area because the population is growing and they want to increase  their cultivation across land the elephants use.

About 60% of Sri Lankan elephants are roaming wild and efforts to re-house them in national parks have not been successful as they break down the electric fences to get back to their home ranges.

The idea behind the seminar is to increase awareness among the local population so the two can co-exist side by side.

HSBC Sponsorship Students

Posted on by Jackie

Dilini and HSBC sponsorship students (1)We ¬†took a group of four university students studying in Colombo to meet Dilini Fernando (left), HSBC’s Corporate Sustainability Manager in late August.

Over the past two years, the bank has sponsored nearly 250 students to mark its 150th anniversary in the country.

All four thanked HSBC for their grants, which are being used to pay for food and study materials.

The quartet all originally come from around Tissamahara where the charity is based.