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Teaching Assistant

Posted on by Jackie

Montessori pre schoolThanks to a donation from Cate Thomas and her brother John Skutsch, we were able to continue sponsoring a teaching assistant at the Sumudu pre-school in Lunugamvehera.

Cate and John both previously lived in Sri Lanka and have raised funds for a number of schools over the years, including Sumudu where the renovated and fitted out the school classroom.

The current donation will fund the teaching assistant, Dasani Esha, for a second year.

An assistant was needed given how much the numbers have grown since the Montessori pre-school opened in 2009 with 17 students. Some 41 pre-school children are currently registered.


Programming seminar

Posted on by Tharindu

The Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre (MCCC) held a weekend programming seminar in mid-September.Programming seminar

We would like to thank Dilan Anushka and Amil Kanchana, the two software engineers who volunteered their time to come to Tissa from Colombo and teach the students who are studying for our one-year diploma course.

Dilan conducted a Java session and Amil UI/UX.

Pictured right are Dilan and Amil with some of the students, plus centre manager, Tharindu and teacher, Nuwan.

The plan to return to Tissa once a month to complete the programming module for the students. In the meantime, they will give the students practical sessions over the internet.