McMahon family at KVT School

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Keira KVT schoolEaster saw the McMahon family, Naveet, Rob and Keira, visit Sri Lanka and come to Tissamaharama to visit some of the local schools.

They spent the day at Kawantissapura school where Naveet led a class for the grade one students, as they are the same age as her daughter Keira.

She taught the children how to sing “head, shoulders, knees and toes,” with Keira’s help.Rob and Naveet famaly Visit the kawantissa pura school (34)

They also did some art – coloring and bracelet making – before playing badminton with outside during break.

The kids loved their visit, not least the pens and sweets they brought with them!!

Oli and Eliza Volunteering

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Oli 19The 29 students at Panagamuwa Amarasinghe School got two special visitors in February when Oli Woods and his girlfriend, Eliza, did some volunteering for the day.

Panagamuwa is a tiny little school about five kilometers inland from Galle with just eight teachers including the principal.

Most of the families were re-settled after the Tsunami and their main income is from fishing and working in the paddy fields.  Oli 9

Oli and Eliza did a great job teaching English and art at the same time by getting the children to draw their favorite animals on a blackboard.

Before we left, we also donated some books and pens .

HSBC Sponsorship Students

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Dilini and HSBC sponsorship students (1)We  took a group of four university students studying in Colombo to meet Dilini Fernando (left), HSBC’s Corporate Sustainability Manager in late August.

Over the past two years, the bank has sponsored nearly 250 students to mark its 150th global anniversary.

All four thanked HSBC for their grants, which are being used to pay for food and study materials.

The quartet all originally come from around Tissamahara where the charity is based.

Dehigahalanda Special Needs Unit

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Dehigahalanda opening ceramony 2017.02.12 (1)Thanks to a donation from CIMA Students Society and the Foundation of Goodness, Dehigahalanda School got a refurbished special needs unit in mid-February.

Much of the effort raising the money was thanks to two of the society’s board members Abdul Qadeer and Amjad  Rahim from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ Colombo branch.

They enlisted the help of Sri Lankan NGO, the Foundation of Goodness, and held a number of fundraising events for their newly established programme: Education Beyond Ability, which targets special needs children across the country.

Abdul speech (1)It is a very worthwhile project helping special needs children, many of whom do not even go to school.

The Department of Education estimates that only 5% are able to get to a local school.

The unit at Dehigahalanda School was established by the principal, Mr Dharmasiri, when he first arrived a few years ago.

However, the classroom was not in a very good condition and there was little equipment.

CIMA’s donation enabled a complete refurbishment including tiling the floor, re-plastering the walls and installing electricity.

IMG_0242 (1)The society’s members also concluded a range of equipment from Colombo for the children and their teacher, Ms Udari Ranaweera.

In total there are about 20 children in the class with a range of disabilities including autism, Down’s syndrome.

One deaf student is also getting a proper hearing test and a digital hearing aid thanks to CIMA’s help.

The opening ceremony was held on Sunday 12th February and featured a lot of colourful dancing, as well as speeches from a number of guests including CIMA’s Abdul Qadeer above.

Barclays certificate ceremony

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Certificate awarding MCCCPictured left are some of the students who came to collect their certificates while SRI Director Mr Mark was visiting Sri Lanka.

Thanks to Barclays support for our computer centre we were able to continue funding lots of new classes this year.

We awarded certificates to students attending diploma class III, community classes XXXVI to XXXXIII and kids classes IV and V.

Congratulations to all the students who passed.

Arabella’s fun run

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Arabella GreenWe would like to say a big thank you to 12-year old Arabella Green who has completed a five kilometre fun run for SRI.

Arabella raised just over £300 from her family and friends to buy books for some of the libraries that SRI supports.

She completed the run, which took place in Ashbourne Derbyshire, in 33.12 minutes.

This was a very impressive achievement given it was her first competitive race.

Her mother Benedicta also took part – some way behind!!!

We are very grateful to both of them for making such an effort.

MCCC trip to Colombo

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Field Trip 2016-06-30 (5)We took some of our diploma students on a one-day trip to Colombo so they could visit a large IT company.

The recruitment manager explained what skills they would need and told them how important it was to learn English as well as IT.

They also had a tour, which includes the large servers the company operates.Field Trip 2016-06-30 (3)

We had lunch at a modern shopping mall and some of the students had their first Kentucky Fried chicken meal.

After lunch we spent time at Unity Plaza, the main IT hub in Colombo where there are a lot of computer shops.

For some of the students this was their first visit to Colombo. It was made possible thanks to our sponsorship by the UK’s Barclays Bank.

Nadigamwila English Lab

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Nadigamwila English labThis is now one of the most beautiful schools in the whole of Sri Lanka thanks to the efforts of its principal, Mr Kumarasinghe.

He has used the country’s natural beauty to create stunning grounds with plants and foliage everywhere.

He also does his best to keep the classrooms in pristine condition even though the school has very little money.

Nadigamwila OC

So it was not very surprising that he took our renovation of a disused classroom to a new level when we created an English lab thanks to a donation from Steve Irvine and Mei Zhang, plus the Sykes family and the JG Hogg Charitable Trust.

Mr Kumarasinghe invited one of his friends down from Colombo to create a very colourful mural, which pictures all the different animals in Sri Lanka captioned with their English names.

Nadigamwila English lab

The school has also created a word tree and painted the planets of the solar system on the ceiling.

We hope it will inspire the children to improve their English as it is often their worse mark since many don’t realise how important it is until they get close to leaving school and thinking about jobs.

Sri Dewanda Library Renovation

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Sri Dewanda LibraryThis was the second library renovation of the month thanks to a donation by the JG Hogg Charitable Trust.

This is one of the bigger schools in the Tissa but has a very old library.

The basic structure was sound but there were many problems including cracked windows, a broken ceiling, furniture that was falling to pieces and very old books.Sri Dewanda OC 3

The outside of the building was also not in a good condition with cracked concrete and peeling paint.

We were able to solve all of those problems and buy a lot more books plus a very colourful mural.

This is one of our first projects for the school and we hope to do more.


DPPC Library Renovation

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Thanks to a donation from the JG Hogg Charitable Trust we have been able to help Debarawewa President’s Primary College to upgrade its library.

DPPC LibraryThe school had a good building but almost no furniture and very few books.

This was not a good situation given there are over 4,000 children at the school and it has some of the best grade five pass marks in the whole country.

Indeed our Finance Manager’s daughter is in grade two at the school but has only visited the library twice because it does not have enough books and she cannot take any home to read.

The donation enabled us to buy proper tables and chairs for both the junior and senior section as well as a lot of new books.

We also re-painted the outside.

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