KWT Science Lab Renovation

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Mary's Science LabThe generosity of British scientist Mary Sweeney lives on at Kawantissapura School thanks to a bequest in her will.

Mary was a researcher into Huntington’s disease based in the neurogenetics unit at University College London.

She was also a friend of SRI for many years before she died of cancer in 2017.

She had previously sponsored a young student who also tragically died of the same disease a few years earlier.

Mary's Science Lab

Thanks to her kindness and generosity, we were able to renovate and refurbish a science lab in her name at Kawantissapura School, which lies on the main Tissa to Katharagama Road.

The lab was completely re-modeled, leading to a new concrete floor and tiling, plus a proper ceiling for the first time.

The children love it and we hope that having a well-fitted science lab will inspire them to follow in Mary’s footsteps and become scientists too.

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