Asanagala Temple IT lab

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Ranminithenna Computer donation 3We were delighted that we could set up a new computer lab at Asanagala Shri Abhinawaramaya Temple in Ranminithenna village in late September thanks to a donation from HSBC and Save Yala, a local organization, which promotes conservation at the nearby national park.

HSBC recycled five used computers from its Colombo HQ, while Save Yala provided the furniture. Our deputy IT manager, Nuwan, rewired one of the temple’s classrooms.

This is a very rural area with little access to IT resources so setting up an IT under the auspices of the temple’s community teaching programmess will really help the local community.

There was a slight delay in getting classes up-and-running after Covid cases started to spread from Colombo, but we were able to launch classes in a socially distance way in late November.

KeekasRunning the IT lab is a community effort too. One of the two volunteer teachers, Prasad Janaka, works at Hambantota General Hospital.

The other, Prasad Jeewantha (pictured), is a local farmer. He was one of the first school students to learn computing at SRI’s regional training centre after the NGO was established following the 2004 tsunami while he was at nearby Osuwinna School.

He said that he volunteered to teach as a way of giving something back to the community after it helped him when he was child.

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