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Ikkapalama English Room

Posted on by Mark

This is a very well run rural school, which has made good use of its limited educational budget. One example of this has been setting aside a classroom as an English activity room.

It only took a small amount of money to cover the walls with English sayings and posters to encourage the children to learn a language that hadn’t been prioritised by the government until fairly recently.

The principal needed help fixing the roof, which we facilitated with a donation of US$550.


Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre

Posted on by Jackie

We were attracted to Mahasenpura School by the principal, Mr Kithsiri who was keen to create to create a computer lab and just as importantly, allow the local community to access it as well. We, therefore, decided to make this our flagship project, building a stand-alone centre in the school grounds with 23 networked computers in one room and a separate office for a manager and four teachers, all paid for by SRI.

The centre was opened on February 27th by Chamal Rajapaksa (pictured right), brother of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Minister for Ports, Aviation, Irrigation and Water Management.

During school hours, it teaches the pupils of Mahasenpura School, followed by other school children during the afternoons and community members during the evenings and weekends. The teachers also serve other computer labs being set up by SRI, acting as trouble shooters to fix problems and deliver new teaching manuals and software.