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Osuwinna Library and Computer Lab

Posted on by mark

Having completed basic renovations of the school towards the end of 2006, we moved onto a more ambitious project to connect the Osuwinna School to the electricity grid and establish a computer lab and library.

We were very keen on this project because it would take Osuwinna from the bottom of the educational heap to the very top – one of the first schools in the area to get access to computers.

We were lucky that we were able to keep costs down because the school already had dilapidated teacher’s quarters, which we could use a shell to construct a stand-alone centre.

Some of parents also offered to provide their services free of charge, which meant we could keep the labour costs to a minimum as well.

In the absence of any budget for a computer teacher, we allocated one of the teachers from our Mahasenpura regional centre to come to Osuwinna for a couple of days per week.