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Gamanapura Computer Lab

Posted on by Jackie

The opening of a computer block at Gamanapura School rounded off our activities in 2007. The school already had a library, with a spare room attached to it, which was ideal for a small computer lab.

The big variable with each of our projects is the state of the classroom we want to use. In most cases, the classrooms require a lot of work to make them fit for purpose. There will, for example, often be empty spaces where windows, doors and ceilings should be.

The wooden beams supporting the roof are often rotten and the walls and floor will have had chunks knocked out of them.

But in this instance it was simply a case of buying the furniture and six computers. Pictured right is one of the pupils performing the devil dance at the opening ceremony.


Art Prize Giving

Posted on by Jackie

In October we moved into our first offices in Tissa and we were keen to decorate the walls with art produced by some of the local children. We held competitions across several schools and then took the winners paintings back to Hong Kong.

There, local artist Noel De Guzman very kindly scanned them all onto a computer, creating canvas prints, which we then had stretched onto a frame back in Sri Lanka.

Pictured right is Supun Tharanga, one of the winners from Tissapura School with his prize – some art equipment. Supun is a very talented pupil and is also being sponsored by Steve through the scholarship programme.