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Weerahela Trip

Posted on by Jackie

The biggest reaction I have ever got at an opening ceremony in Sri Lanka was when I told the pupils of Weerahela School that we would pay for the entire school to go on a three-day trip across Sri Lanka. Sitting drinking tea in the principal’s office afterwards, I was amazed when Jaya translated a comment that he never seen the sea before.

Coming from a life of almost constant travel, I found it incredible to me that a well-educated, middle-aged man living close to Tissa had never made it to the coast, which was only an hour away by bus. But it was good because it further convinced us of the benefit of school trips.

Weerahela is a small, poor school with only about 80 pupils. Hiring a bus cost very little (up to US$200 per day), but the impact in terms of broadening their horizons was great.