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Debarawewa Allagala quarters

Posted on by Jaya

This is another school where Mr Jon from the Yala Fund has close links. SRI did not know this school, but Mr Jon wanted to help by building some teachers’ quarters and he asked us to project manage the building work.

In Sri Lanka many teachers live in the schools where they work. This is because the teachers often come from other parts of Sri Lanka so they cannot live with their families. Also it is a good way for the government to help the teachers with their accommodation because the Department of Education may move them to another school so it is difficult for them to build their own house in one place.


Tissapura Science Lab

Posted on by Jaya

Mr Jon has many links with Tissapura School and is very friendly with the principal Mr Samansiri. He wanted to extend our work at the school and make a science lab.

The cost of this project was US$3,700. We sealed one classroom and installed a water line and big benches so the students could do their experiments.

We also bought some equipment including some microscopes as you can see here in the photo.


Karambagalmulla Playground Equipment

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This was our first project for Mr Jon Ashworth of the Yala Fund. Along with Mr Mark and Miss Jackie he is the other foreigner who comes to Tissa to help the schools.

At this time, he was still working in London and he asked us to complete some projects for him.

This was a good project because Karambagalmulla is a primary school, but the children do not have any playground equipment. The school is also remote so there is nowhere else they can play either.



Mulana Equipment

Posted on by mark

My next stop after the opening ceremony at Karambagalmulla School was back to Mulana School to see the principal, Mrs Sujeewa.

We gave the school some kit for the computer lab and library including a DVD player and some UPS equipment to smooth the electricity supply.


Karambagalmulla Computer Lab

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No sooner had we established a library than the principal was asking for a computer lab.

We were happy to fund this as we liked the way he was running the library and he had already gone some way to creating a lab by sealing off one of the smaller classrooms.

Weligatha Library and Computer lab

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We came to know the principal of this school during his previous incarnation as music teacher at Mahasenpura School.

We liked him a lot and we wanted to help when he was got his promotion to a small school just off the main road from Tissa to Hambantota.

We were also attracted to the school because it had been where three of our computer teachers at the Mahasenpura centre had received their education.

It did not have much in the way of facilities beyond a string of classrooms so we created a library and computer lab along similar lines to the ones we established earlier in the year


KG01 Kitchen

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This is a very remote primary school close to Lunugamvehera National Park and very small with only about 90 students. But it has a very good principal and he wanted help with a kitchen so the school could give the children a morning drink and lunch.

The school had managed to secure enough money to do most of the building work, but needed a further US$350 to finish the roof. We were happy to oblige.