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Osuwinna Principal’s Office

Posted on by Jackie

Our final project for the Yala Fund was the renovation of Mr Disanayake’s office at Osuwinna School.

It seemed like a fitting project for us to do as we had already renovated all the classrooms and created a computer lab and library for the children.

So it seemed a shame that the man who had done so much to improve standards at the school had been sitting in a very dilapidated office. Most of the work was done by Mr Disanayake himself and we acted as a conduit for the funds, which amounted to about US$600.


Weligatha Water Tank

Posted on by Jackie

This was the fourth of five projects we did for Jon Ashworth and the Yala Fund. This was a fairly straightforward project at a cost of US$653, but very good for the school, which is situated in one of the driest zones of the Tissa district, close to Bundala National Park.


Ikkapalama Renovations

Posted on by mark

The principal of the school had been asking us for help for a long time and we were feeling slightly guilty because we liked the school and had done very little to date beyond fixing the English activity room.

The project involved finishing the junior school block where there was, as usual, open spaces instead of windows. We fixed grilles in place of windows around four classrooms at a cost of US$3,000.

This turned out to be more expensive than we had been hoping and was the result of rampant domestic inflation, which had pushed up the price of the iron bars we needed to make the grilles.

All the schools prefer grilles to windows. They last for longer than glass, which is easily smashed and they are better for letting air flow through the classrooms to mitigate the stifling heat.