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World Children’s Day

Posted on by Jaya

This was the first year we celebrated World Children’s Day in Sri Lanka.

I decided to go to Bundala School to conduct a talk on the environment.

This school is very close to Bundala National Park so it is very important the children understand the importance of nature and looking after their surroundings. I told them why they should not throw litter on the ground and how to keep their school clean and beautiful.

After that I showed a short film.


Nadigamwila Trip

Posted on by Jaya

The new Principal of Nadigamwila School, Mr Kumarasinghe, is also an agricultural teacher. He is also very interested in the environment and he asked us if we could arrange some trips for his students.

So we took 48 students on a three-day trip across Sri Lanka. We wentto Kandy to the Botanical Gardens and to a tea factory.

But the children said the best experience was going on train. Most students had not been on a train before and we went through six tunnels.

Just before we got on the train we were looking at the pine trees near the station and we collected some samples to take back for the school’s science lessons