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Library Books Andaragasaya, Nadigamwila, Pustollamula

Posted on by Teddy

At the end of June, I delivered boxes of books to Andaragasaya, Nadigamwila and Pustollamula School.

All three schools have a library, but they do not have many novels.

So we bought lots of books, which children at our other libraries like very much.

These books include Harry Potter and Tintin.

All the books are Sinhalese translations.

I also put plastic covers on the books and added date stamps so the children could take the books home to read.

Bundala English Class

Posted on by Jaya

This month we started a new English class at Bundala National Park.

This was after the Department of Wildlife came to us with a request.

They want to improve the English of the wildlife staff and the rangers who take the tourists around the park.

We thought this was a good idea so the rangers can improve their communication.

We chose the English teacher from Gangeyaya School to do the class.

He is teaching English to the staff at SRI as well.