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Mulana Trip

Posted on by Jaya

This photo is of seven-year old Shanika Hashani.

She performed the Wadiga Patuna dance for Jackie and Jonathan to say thank you for the trip.

The children were also very happy when we showed them a slide show of all the photos Mr Teddy had taken of the trip.

As they are small children we could not take them on an overnight trip so we went on a long day trip starting at 4am.

We went to the beach on the way and the children were very happy.

Then we went to zoological gardens at Dehiwala near Colombo.

This is one of the oldest zoos in Asia and has many different types of animals the children had never seen before.

Gangeyaya is 50!

Posted on by Jaya

We hosted a workshop at the school and I gave a multi-media presentation about human elephant conflict in Sri Lanka.

We also helped arrange stalls for the Department of Wildlife, The Forestry Commission and the Archaeological Department.

They all came to the School to promote environmental awareness.

During the break we paid for all the children to have buns and drinks for refreshments.

We also paid for pens and books to give to the children that had won awards.