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Osuwinna Trip

Posted on by Jaya

Mr Teddy and I took about 60 students from Osuwinna School on a three day trip in honour of the Principal, Mr Disanayake. He leaves the school at the end of December after being promoted to Principal of Mahasenpura School.

Since his arrival in 2005, Mr Disanayake has transformed Osuwinna School. He wanted to arrange a trip to say goodbye to his students.

We wanted to help because the school has many children from rural families and they have not had the chance to travel around Sri Lanka.

The trip began at the temples of Kataragama, followed by a trip through block four of Yala National Park. Then we headed north to Polunnarawa, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka.  Along the way, we organised a talk by the Wildlife Department at Girithale National Park


Student Trips

Posted on by Jackie

Once again the highlight of my visit to Sri Lanka was the trips we organised with Jonathan for his sponsorship students. As in past years, we tried

to find new places to take the children – not that difficult really given how many national parks surround Tissa.

This year, we took a group of girls to Yala National Park, where we had lunch at an eco retreat, clambered across a rope bridge and then enjoyed a jeep safari through one of the lesser known parts of the park.

Jonathan took a second group of boys group to Ussangoda, Sri Lanka’s most recent national park where, in Hindu mythology, King Ravana landed his peacock chariot.

And we took a third group upcountry to visit a tea factory and to have tea and cakes at the Ella Motel, close to one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful waterfalls