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Donation by Walker Books

Posted on by Jackie

We would like to thank Walker Books for a donation of about 50 boxes of high quality children’s picture books.

Walker Books is the UK’s leading children’s publisher and the donation is thanks to Fiona Macdonald, Head of Library and Education Sales.

We initially intended to ship the books to some of our libraries in Sri Lanka. However, on second thoughts we have decided that instead of incurring shipping costs, it makes more sense to sell them in the UK.

That way we can arbitrage the difference between the cost of books in the UK and Sri Lanka. Mark and I hope to sell them at various fetes over the summer.


Nadigamwila Toilets

Posted on by Jackie

Sri Lanka suffered heavy flooding during the monsoon rains of winter 2010 destroying many crops and damaging a lot of buildings.

One of the casualties at Nadigamwila School was a toilet block

We were able to help the school re-build it quickly thanks again to a donation from Alex Hayes Griffin and family.

As with many of our projects, the building work was completed by the parents, helping to keep the costs down.