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Uduwila Junior School Renovation

Posted on by Jackie

The previous string of posts are not only testament to the generosity of a single donor, but also show just how far money can be stretched in Sri Lanka.

Alex and his family helped a total of four schools and are sponsoring children in each one.

As well as the science lab and special needs room at Uduwila, the donation was also used to re-pair the roof of the junior school and to provide paint so the schools could put up a mural on the side walls.

These murals were all painted by the children themselves.

Uduwila Science Lab

Posted on by Jackie

A second portion of Alex’s donation was used to create a science lab in the adjoining classroom to the special needs room.

As you can see from the photo (right), we needed to build a wall between the two rooms, as well as re-paint the entire room.

The donation also enabled us to put in a cupboard and proper benches for the children to work on.

Finally, we were also able to buy some equipment including a microscope.

On our next visit we also hope to bring some science related posters over from the UK to liven up the walls.

A science lab such as this is a rarity among Sri Lankan schools and for the schools where we’ve already built libraries and computer labs, it’s normally next on the wish list.

Uduwila Special Needs Centre

Posted on by Jackie

Given its rural location, special needs children in the area were unable to go to our special needs centre in Debarawewa and had no dedicated facilities of their own in the local area.

Mr Amarasiri, the Principal of Uduwila School, had an unused classroom, which he could allocate, but no furniture or teaching equipment.

The classroom adjoined a second disused room, which the Principal wanted to turn into a science lab.

Alex Hayes Griffin and his family came to the rescue, providing enough funds to re-paint and furnish both rooms.

Here you can see two local girls using an etch-a-sketch, which we purchased with his money.

Mulana School Room

Posted on by Jackie

Mulana has rapidly become one of our favourite schools since we first started working with its Principal Mrs Sujeewa a couple of years ago.

She has surrounded herself with a group of dedicated and largely female teachers who have created a wonderful atmosphere for the children at the school.

It’s become particularly famous for its dancing and music, winning a number of awards in Southern Province.

However, it seemed such a shame that the Grade one children’s first experience of the school was a dismal classroom at the end of one block (see photo right).

Thanks again to a donation from Alex Hayes Griffin and family, we were able to renovate the classroom, adding a wiremesh, a new coat of paint and a mural on a sidewall.

Ikkapalama Water Line

Posted on by Jackie

Pictured right, a student demonstrates the new sink and water facilities, which have been fitted into all the junior school classrooms at Ikkapalama School.

The Principal had been asking for a proper water line for a couple of years ago and we’d always been keep to help since he’s done a great job at keeping the school clean and tidy.

Having water in the classrooms makes a big difference to the smaller children who are now able to do lots of art and to clean up after eating their lunch in the classroom.

It was made possible thanks to a very generous donation from Alex Hayes Griffin and his family who have been helping a cluster of schools in the area, as well as sponsoring a number of children.