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Library Book Donation

Posted on by Jaya

Last year, HSBC collected hundreds of books from their employees in Colombo. These books were for four school libraries HSBC sponsored in Tissa and Galle. However, there were many spare books and a lot of the books were in English.

When we visit our library projects, we often find the students are not selecting the English books to take home and read. This is because English is not spoken very well in Tissa at the moment.

So we decided to try and help other students to increase their English knowledge. We selected five local schools and asked the Principals for the names of the students who scored the most marks in their end of year English exams.

These schools were: Weerahela, Osuwinna, Mahasenpura, Nadigamwila and Uduwila. We gave three books to each top student in grades three to ten.

Many Sri Lankan students do not have books in their homes. We hoped that if we gave them some English books they would treasure them and be more likely to read them.