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Kithulkote – HSBC Library Project

Posted on by Mr Jayasinghe

K3After Usbin School (see earlier post) we travelled to Kithulkote School which is on the main road from Thananmalwila to Wellawaya .

This is the school for all the children who live in the surrounding villages.

Many of them have a long way to travel to come to school every day.

The library had very few facilities. There were no reading tables and the books were all very old.

K9HSBC bought looks of new books, as well as completely renovating the room where we created a sea theme with a big mural showing lots of fish and some paintings.

The chief guest was Mr Duminda Kalasuriyaarachchi, HSBC’s software delivery manager. He cut the ribbon, whilst Corporate Sustainability Manager, Mrs Dilini Fernando gave an excellent speech.

Thank you to HSBC

Usbim – HSBC Library Project

Posted on by Mr Jayasinghe

March 8th was a big day for us as we had two more opening ceremonies for Libraries that had been funded by HSBC.

A group of HSBC employees spent many hours in a minibus travelling from Colombo to Usbim School, which is close to Uda Walawe National Park.

It was the Park Warden who recommended Usbim School as well as the Zonal Director of Education in Wellawaya. They both said that the school needed lots of help.

The school was opened in 1983 as part of the Uda Walawe irrigation project and most of the families have come to the village from other parts of Sri Lanka. The area is very poor because the land can only cultivated during the rainy season.

Usbim already had a library but it needed lots of repairs and new books.

HSBC also paid for the building of a partition to create a special counselling room for students that need special help.