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Uduwila School Field Trip

Posted on by Mr Jayasinghe

We have been working with the Uduwila School for many years and were very happy to organise our first Field Trip for them this spring. We took 50 students from grade 9 t0 11 on a two-day tour with their teachers and some of the parents.

In order to see as much as possible, we left at 4:00AM and our first stop was Ella to see the waterfalls. This town is on the edge of the highlands where the temperature is much cooler.

From there we went to Haggala botanical gardens, which interested the children because many of them had not seen the flowers that grow there as Tissa has a much drier climate. In the afternoon we also visited Abewela livestock farm and again the children were fascinated because many of them had not seen a dairy cow before.

Overnight we stayed at Ampitiya temple near Kandy. On the second day we saw lots more temples in the morning including Kandy’s sacred temple, which holds the tooth of Lord Budha.

In the afternoon we visited Pinewala elephant orphanage. There are many elephants here and the visitors are allowed to go right up to them and touch their hides. The children said that this was their favourite experience of the whole trip.

Finally, we visited another flower garden before driving back to Uduwila village. We arrived just before midnight, tired but happy