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Gangeyaya School – IT Presentation

Posted on by Mr Tharindu

This spring and summer, we have been conducting a series of presentations to raise awareness about the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre (MCCC) among schools in the district.

Our aim is to attract students from a wide range of schools so they can improve their skills and employability.

As part of our presentation we show the students and teachers a number of slides featuring new infrastructure and developments in the area, including the new harbour at Hambantota and the international airport.

We explain that if students want to find jobs at these new projects they need to have modern skills, such as IT.

We have received a very enthusiastic response and will be launching a series of new courses during the late summer and autumn.

Our ability to do this have been thanks to Barclays Bank, which is sponsoring the centre for one year as part of its sustainability remit. The Bank wants to help young people acquire new skills so as to have better access to the job market.

Ikkapalama School – IT Presentation

Posted on by Mr Tharindu

As part of an awareness campaign for the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre (MCCC), we conducted a presentation for about 100 students at the school.

I conducted the presentation alongside Mr Nuwan, who often visits the school to repair the computers at its small lab. The presentation was well received by the students.

The Vice Principal also signed up for a course.

The campaign has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of Barclays Bank, which has fully funded the MCCC for one year. This has been a great help in enabling us to take the MCCC to next level of its development