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Posted on by Jackie

It’s called the Tough Mudder for a reason and Tim Cuffe put in a heroic performance to raise US$6,000 for SRI last week.DSC_2652

A big thank you to all his friends, family and colleagues who donated US$3,000 and to his employer, Barclays Bank, which made a matching contribution of US$3,000.

The 12 mile challenge took place just outside of Edinburgh and was designed by Britain’s Special Forces to test participants strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.

Some of the challenges included: an arctic enema (swimming through a tank of ice), walking the plank (dropping 15 feet into a tank of freezing water) and electroshock therapy (sprinting through a field of wires carrying up to 10,000 volts of electricity).

Still he got a nice orange headband at the end, not to mention a free pint of beer!

This is also not Tim’s first contribution to the charity since he and his wife Brandy visited Sri Lanka on their honeymoon in 2012 and fell in love with the country and its people.

Everyone involved with SRI has been extremely grateful for his help and support.

Kirinda Muslim School Field Trip

Posted on by Mr Jayasinghe

Kirinda-Muslim-tripMr Alammuden, the Principal of Kirinda Muslim school had been requesting a trip for some time and we were happy to arrange this for the school during the summer holidays.

Kirinda is a very hot and sandy village and so we thought it would be interesting for the children to take them to the Tea Country where it is much cooler and greener.

We set off early in the morning and there was a lot of singing and dancing on the bus as we journeyed inland. One of the best singers was Mr Alammuden himself.

We stopped to see the waterfalls at Ella before arriving at the Haggala botanical gardens where we had a picnic lunch.

The students loved running across the grass in their bare feet and looking at the different types of flowers.

Later in the afternoon, we visited a tea plantation before stopping for the night at a Muslim school near Kandy.

On the second day we looked around Kandy and walked around the lake.

Then in the afternoon, we visited Pinewala elephant orphanage where there are hundreds of elephants roaming around.

We spent some time down by the river where the elephants drink and many of the children played by the water’s edge. ¬†They all stopped to pray at one point as well.

Finally we arrived back in Kirinda late at night

Beralihela School – IT Presentation

Posted on by Mr Nuwan

8229972Mrs Sammani and I led a presentation to this primary school in August as part of an awareness for the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre (MCCC).

This school does not teach all the way through to O-Level, so the presentation was smaller than some of the other schools we have been to.

About 20 students attended from grades six to eight.

As with our other presentations, we explained the importance of learning IT if students want access to jobs at many of the new infrastructure projects in the area such as the harbour at Hambantota and the recently opened international airport.

This awareness campaign has been made possible thanks to Barclays Bank, which is sponsoring the MCCC for one year as part of its sustainability remit.

The Bank wants to help young people improve their skills and employability.