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Kiula School – Environmental Trip

Posted on by Mr Jaya

We started our trip at 04:00 but the children were already like flowers in full bloom. They were singing all the way to breakfast at Buduruwagala Rock Temple.

kiula-trip-2014june-groupHere the Teacher explained its history for them.

Then we made a quick stop at Rawena waterfalls. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka and has a long history going back to King Ravana’s period over 5,000 years ago.

The next big highlight was the Hakgala Botanical Gardens up in the tea country.

The 50 students were fascinated by this place because the flora and fauna are very different to Tissamaharama.

There were many roses in the gardens and we spent one-and-a-half hours teaching the children the botanical names and classification of all the flowers.

By the time we got to our final destination, Horton Plains National Park, it was much later than expected.

There was also a mist, which none of the children had experienced before. They could not  quite believe their eyes and thought they were flying through the clouds. Kiula-Trip-2014june-@HPNP- feelings with mist

We were staying at a special dormitory at the park centre and the children amused themselves playing in the mist while the six teachers prepared dinner for them.

After dinner we had a concert in the dining room and then we went to sleep.

The next morning we had a special presentation in the auditorium with the park warden.

He talked about different flora and fauna as well as the threats facing the parks. After this I did an environmental presentation as well.

After that, we walked through all the nature trails to observe  the birds, trees, orchids, lichens etc..

We also collected any litter we could find to help keep the park clean.

Finally we arrived at World’s End, which is called this because there is a very sharp edge and steep drop.

Often it is not possible to see beyond World’s End because of the mist, but we were lucky.

Then we walked to Baker’s waterfall, which is named after a British Govenor from the colonial period.

Again the students were very happy because they could jump up and down in the spray coming off the waterfall.

By the time we got back to the park entrance it was 4PM and very late to have our lunch. But it was good because there were hundreds of wild samburs to watch while we were eating.

By the time we had left at 6PM the mist had come down again.

On our way back to Tissamaharama we stopped in Nuwara Eliya the capital of the tea country to buy some sweets for the journey home.

We needed them because it was 1.30AM by the time we arrived back to Kiula School. Again there was much signing and dancing.

It was a very successful trip.



MCCC computer re-cycling

Posted on by Mr Tharindu

Thanks to our sponsorship by Barclays, we have been able to upgrade all 22 computers at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre (MCCC).

We now have flat screen computers replacing all the previous CRT monitors and systems, which were nearly seven years old.

DSCN3810However, it is still possible to extend their lifecycle if they are not in continuous use so we decided to distribute all of them to local schools in the area. Most of the computers were exhibiting problems because they were in use all day, seven days a week.

One went to Ikkapalama School (pictured right), as a result of the principal’s request.

He wanted to computerize all of Ikkaplama’s activities and administration, but the IT teacher was not happy to release one of the computer room’s as she only had five among 302 students at the school.

A second computer went to Tellula School, which is a new school for SRI, although one of SRI’s sponsorship students studies there.

Its IT teacher came to our recent teacher training workshops to learn how to create a school’s web page and requested a computer for the school.

We were happy to donate one, as this is a fairly big school by local standards with 450 students and only four computers between them.

A third computer went to Yahangala School, which is tiny, with just 65 students and six teachers including the Principal who spends most of his time teaching as the school is so short staffed.

He has worked extremely hard to improve Yahangala’s results since he arrived in 2010, conducting many after-school classes and activities.

Yahangala does not have a computer and our donated one is being installed in his office, as it is the only secure room in the school.

We are using Barclay’s sponsorship to construct a small partition so lessons can be separated from his office work.


Most recently we donated a computer to Pallemattala, another tiny little primary school with only 39 pupils.

None of them had ever used a computer before.

Mr Mark helped us to deliver this computer when he came to Sri Lanka at the end of May (pictured left).

We hope to donate the rest of the working computers over the next few months, including to some temples that run community classes in the area.