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Diploma students graduation

Posted on by Tharindu

A batch of five students graduated with their diplomas in late November after studying for a one-year free course at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre.

Diploma student

Pictured left are myself, Thushari, Nuwan and AA Jayanath who works at a local insurance firm.

One of the diploma graduates hopes to use his new knowledge to gain a promotion at the local salt factory where he is a machine operator.

He is now applying for a job as a test officer.

Another plans to open a small hotel with her husband.

The course had four modules covering MS Word, programming, hardware and graphic design.

Sammani’s departure

Posted on by Jackie

It was a sad day for SRI in late November when Sammani decided to leave the charity.

SRI team

She has been with us from the very start, but her decision to give up work was understandable.

She now has two children and was having to travel more than five hours every day from her husband’s home near Galle.

Sammani has been a huge asset to the charity.

When she first started she had just completed an entry level computing course.

Since joining, she developed her skills enormously and by the end was teaching the programming module of our one-year diploma course at the centre.

Pictured above are the SRI team at her leaving lunch. Sammani is far right with her two children.