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Thanamalwila IT parts donation

Posted on by Teddy

Thanamalwila IT donationThanamalwila Central College is a large school with 1,138 pupils, 30 minutes north of Tissa.

It is the equivalent of a UK grammar school and many of its students travel a long way each day from outlying villages.

The school has 12 computers, but only six were working.

Our hardware manager Nuwan was able to fix three of them and we also supplied new parts: IDE cables, DDR1 RAM, CMOS batteries and some new hard discs.

Athbatuwa School Trip

Posted on by Jaya

Mrs Malani the principal of Mulana School recommended Athbatuwa School for a field trip as they had not been able to go on one for over a decade.Athbatuwa trip

The 50-odd children and their teachers children when we set off early on our bus. They were singing and dancing even though it was 5 o’clock in the morning.

Our first stop was nearby Yala National Park where we saw lots of animals as we drove through – wild boar, deer, water buffalo and plenty of birds.

Later in the day we stopped to meet Sri Lanka’s aboriginal people, the Veddas. After visiting their museum the children were entertained by a traditional dance.

We then headed further north to Polonnaruwa passing a few reservoirs on the way. The first night’s accommodation was very basic and everyone slept on the floor together.

The next morning we explored the historical sights of Polonnaruwa including King Parakramabahu’s Palace, his meeting hall and a temple devoted to the God Siva.

Our next stop was  Sigiriya and we had lunch before climbing the rock, which was a great adventure for the children. But on the way down some of them had problems and Mr Teddy carried one girl to the bus as her knees hurt.

That night we stayed in Kandy at a temple. We also went to a very ancient temple called Aluvihare where the first dharma books were written. It’s a very important place for the Sri Lankan people.

The next day we explored Kandy and all the children were very happy because none of them had been before and it is Sri Lanka’s second most important city. We saw lots of temples including Ambekke wooden temple, the only one of its kind in the world.

On our way back to Tissa, we went to Nuwara Eliya, the capital of the tea country. The children were again in a happy mood as this was the first time they experienced a cool climate. We rested here for an hour before visiting the Botanical Gardens at Haggala.

As it turned dark we headed for home. The children were still singing and the teachers were very tired and tried to sleep in the bus.