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IT parts donation Gamanapura School

Posted on by Tharindu

Gemunupura school hardware donationJust before the summer break, we donated some new IT parts for Gamanapura School after Nuwan made one of his regular visits to fix the school’s hardware.


We donated three power units, one mouse, two keyboards and eight CMOS batteries.

IT parts donation Yatala School

Posted on by Tharindu

yatalaschool computer donationDSCN0013This is a large school with 1,000 students. But they do not have an IT teacher, only a volunteer.

We are now bringing this teacher to our computer centre for training and have sent our own volunteer to the school to help out as well.

Nuwan has also just repaired their existing computers and provided some replacement parts – two power units, one mouse and two keyboards.

Library book donation Bandarawela

Posted on by Jaya

Teddy and PriyaniA friend of mine asked if we could donate some books to the municipal library in Bandarawela, which is a few hours north of Tissa.

This library has been doing a very good service for the local community.

When Miss Jackie was in Sri Lanka we went to Colombo to get some famous English novels, which have been translated into Sinhalese.

These included Harry Potter and The Hobbit.

Mr Teddy went to deliver the books to the librarian Miss Priyani.

Reader he is now marrying her!!

Computer lessons at Gunalankara Temple

Posted on by Tharindu

Nuwan teaching at the temple copyOur MCCC teacher Nuwan has been teaching IT at this temple every Sunday since we donated some used computers last June.

The temple has a school for trainee priests (Sri Sobitha Privena) and Nuwan is currently teaching 18 young men the basics of computing.

The Chief Priest believes IT and English are important so they can spread dharma (wisdom) to society