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Nadigamwila School World Children’s Day trip

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Mr Kumarasiri, the Principal of Nadigamwila School, was formerly an agriculture teacher and is very interested in the environment.Nadigamwila School trip 1

So he was very keen to mark World Children’s Day with a one-day trip showing his students the nature of Sri Lanka.

We took 74 of the older students in a bus with 11 staff members including the Principal.

In order to fit in as much as possible we left at 3am from the school.

Our first stop was at Ella where there are beautiful waterfalls.

Then we drove to Demodara railway station. This is a very famous station built during the British period in the early 1920′s.

The children were very excited as most of them had not been on a train before.

They took a two-hour journey to Ambelewa and spent the time observing the different forest and enjoying the 15 tunnels. It was a big adventure for them as this is the highest railway in Sri Lanka.Nadigamwila School Trip 6

When we left the train we went to a farm and observed many different animals including goats, cattle and rabbits. The farmer showed them how they feed the animals, how they milk them and treat them when they are ill.

Our lunch stop was a milk factory. After that we proceeded to Nuwara Eliya, the capital of the tea country.

Here the children purchased some shrubs for their school as this area has different plants to Tissa. We also saw some donkeys.

Our next stop was a big tank. Here it was very misty and the children had their first experience in this climate as Tissa is very dry. So all the children were wearing jumpers and hats.

The students had some cookies and banana while the teachers prepared dhal curry for dinner. The teachers paid for all the food themselves to help the students.

Finally it was time to come home. It was very bumpy so we had to stop many times because some of the students were feeling sick.

But still everyone was singing and dancing. We had a very good time thanks to Robert and Georgina Reoch who funded our trip