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PowerPoint competition

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We held our annual MS PowerPoint competition this November.MCCC PP winners

Some 13 schools entered the competition, which offered pen drivers and A4 paper for the winning entries.

This year’s winner was Chamod Jayathrika from Debarawewa Central College.

He also entered last year when he came fourth.

This year’s winning entry concerned the creation of a network system.

The second place winner was from Viddyartha School and covered Sri Lanka’s new year customs, while the third place winner came from Tissapura School and covered the country’s different provinces.

ICT seminar

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ICT Seminar at MCCC 2015 (72)We organised and funded a one-day seminar in association with the Department of Education for O-level students about to sit their computer exams.

A total of 87 students attended from 17 schools in the area.

We also sought the support from their IT teachers.

Former students of the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre also came for the day as volunteers.

ICT Seminar at MCCC 2015 (103)

As well as the computer centre we also took over four classrooms at the school.

The students did a series of one-hour session where they sat different parts of the exam and then went over the answers in a group discussion.

The student with the highest mark won a prize.

This seminar was made possible thanks to our funding from Barclays Bank in the UK.

Weligatha School Trip

Posted on by Jaya

Thanks to a kind donation from the Reoch family in England, we could organise a school trip for Weligatha School.

We took 48 students, four teachers and both the new principal and old principal with us.

The children always like to sing when they are on the bus and this time we had a boy who was playing the drums as well.

Our first observation point was Rawana Ella  falls. It was very beautiful because heavy rains falls meant there was a big volume of water.  This panorama was very relaxing for the children’s eyes.

weligattha school trip 2015 10 .16 (21)Then we came to Demodara railway station.  Most students had not experienced being on a train before. This is where we had our breakfast – their parents had prepared rice and curry parcels for them.

They ate at the station used water from the station pipe line.

After breakfast  I made a small speech about the trip followed by the station master.  He explained how the railway was started during the British colonial period, plus how they built it using the loop method, which helped them to get the train up a steep slope.

While we were on the train we passed through 13 tunnels and saw a nine arch bridge, which is 445 feet long and made with stone and brick. It is very strong.

Then we went to New Zealand dairy  farm in Ambewela.  There are more than 100 cows. Some were grazing outside and the calves were living in another shelter.  The bulls were separate. They were very big animals.

The children watched the milking. weligattha school trip 2015 10 .16 (46)They can get 40 litres from one cow.

After this we had our lunch at the Highland Milk Factory – more rice and curry.

Next place on the agenda was Nuwara Eliya, the capital of the tea country.  People call it Little England because most of the important buildings were built during the British period.

While we were here we tasted strawberries and pears, which many of the children had not tried before.

Our final stop was Gregory Tank, a very beautiful lake. We did more singing and dancing with our drummer

While the children relaxed, the adults prepared tea for them.

We left at 6.30pm and had dinner on the way back –  bread and onion sambol.

On the way back there was continuous singing and dancing on the bus. We arrived back in Tissa at midnight.