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MCCC trip to Colombo

Posted on by Tharindu

Field Trip 2016-06-30 (5)We took some of our diploma students on a one-day trip to Colombo so they could visit a large IT company.

The recruitment manager explained what skills they would need and told them how important it was to learn English as well as IT.

They also had a tour, which includes the large servers the company operates.Field Trip 2016-06-30 (3)

We had lunch at a modern shopping mall and some of the students had their first Kentucky Fried chicken meal.

After lunch we spent time at Unity Plaza, the main IT hub in Colombo where there are a lot of computer shops.

For some of the students this was their first visit to Colombo. It was made possible thanks to our sponsorship by the UK’s Barclays Bank.

Leadership training

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Debarawewa school -ledership training 2016Mr Jayadewa, the principal of Debarawewa Central College, asked us if we could sponsor a leadership programme he wanted to arrange for the school monitors.

Thanks to a donation from Naveet and Rob McMahon in Hong Kong we were able to do so.

The school paid for the accommodation, food and fees for 100 students to travel from Tissa to Embilipitiaya, which is about one hour away.

SRI paid for the transport.

The Principal wanted to teach his students that exams are important, but so is the way they conduct their life.

Debarawewa school -ledership training 2016 (6)He wants to create good citizens of Sri Lanka.

The course was conducted by the National Youth Service and helped the students by encouraging team work and leadership.

There were a number of seminars and lots of role playing games.

There was also a focus on how to be a good monitor and interact with teachers, parents and other students.

Debarawewa Central College is the top school in our area.

All the children who get good grade five passes attend it and there are currently 2,840 students in total from grades six to 13.

Special Needs Safari

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Special need center-yala trip 2016.05.25DSCN2059 (10)Thanks to a generous donation from Naveet and Rob McMahon in Hong Kong, we were able to take the special needs children from our centre on their first safari.

It was also a great occasion to mark the eighth anniversary of the centre we established in 2008.

The centre currently has 24 students of whom twelve have Downs Syndrome, two are deaf, six have autism and four have a range of other disabilities.

They have one teacher, Mrs Isangika and one assistant, Mrs Chamila. The latter is also deaf and first came to our attention when she came to our computer centre at Mahasenpura School to learn computing.

She is now hoping to qualify as a teacher through an open university course and we are sponsoring her to teach at the school.

Special need center-yala trip 2016.05.25DSCN2059 (12)For the trip to Yala, we also took five of the children’s mothers as well.

The coach set off at 8.30am and we were very lucky that the Department of Wildlife allowed the students to come for free so we only had to pay for the adults’ entrance tickets.

The children were most happy on Pataganala beach and we spent one-and-a-half hours here playing in the waves.

We then drove through Block one of the park to Parana Thotupola and the Manik River, which separates Block one and Block two.

Here the children played in the river, throwing water and looking for fish.Special need center-yala trip 2016.05.25DSCN2059 (30)

After this we had our lunch – dhal curry, omelette and rice.

In the afternoon we went looking for animals. We were very lucky and saw many different types.

We did not see the famous leopard, but we did see a sloth bear, which is very rare.

We also saw spotted deer, samburs, crocodiles, wild pigs, elephants and some birds.

We left the park at 4pm and headed to another very beautiful beach in Kirinda.

The children were very happy.