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Jonathan’s scholarship students

Posted on by Jaya

scholaship program 2016 .08.01 (5)During the summer holidays I asked some of Mr Jonathan’s scholarship students to come to the office so I could update their details.

Mr Jonathan is a director of SRI and has been sponsoring students for 10 years.

In that time he has sponsored more than 80 students who have finished their studies.

scholaship program 2016 .08.01 (4)At the moment he has 65 students.

Some are small children, some are studying for their O-levels or A-levels and some are at university.

Five of the students have serious health problems.

All come from low income families. Many of their father are labourers or paddy farmers and could not afford to pay for their medicine or school books.

The children all came with a letter from their village headman.