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Arabella Green’s donation

Posted on by Jaya

Book donation Arabella (1)Thanks to 12-year old Arabella Green, SRI has been able to donate 230 books to Sri Dewananda Central College just outside of Tissa.

Arabella completed a five-kilometre fun run in Derbyshire, England and raised £300 from her family and friends.

We asked the school librarian, Mrs Padmini and she requested story books for the younger children and some schools text books.

Pictured is myself with the school principal, Mrs Ramayalatha, Mrs Padmini and a few students.

We were very glad we could give more books to the school library, which we renovated in 2015. Before that it was in a terrible condition.

Mrs Ramayalatha has been very efficient and set up a borrowing programme for the students.

She says it has already made a big difference to the grade 5 exam results.

This year, 88 students from three parallel classes sat the exam.

Of this number, 11 got more than 156 marks out of 200, while 59 got more than 100 marks.