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Dehigahalanda Special Needs Unit

Posted on by Jackie

Dehigahalanda opening ceramony 2017.02.12 (1)Thanks to a donation from CIMA Students Society and the Foundation of Goodness, Dehigahalanda School got a refurbished special needs unit in mid-February.

Much of the effort raising the money was thanks to two of the society’s board members Abdul Qadeer and Amjad ┬áRahim from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ Colombo branch.

They enlisted the help of Sri Lankan NGO, the Foundation of Goodness, and held a number of fundraising events for their newly established programme: Education Beyond Ability, which targets special needs children across the country.

Abdul speech (1)It is a very worthwhile project helping special needs children, many of whom do not even go to school.

The Department of Education estimates that only 5% are able to get to a local school.

The unit at Dehigahalanda School was established by the principal, Mr Dharmasiri, when he first arrived a few years ago.

However, the classroom was not in a very good condition and there was little equipment.

CIMA’s donation enabled a complete refurbishment including tiling the floor, re-plastering the walls and installing electricity.

IMG_0242 (1)The society’s members also concluded a range of equipment from Colombo for the children and their teacher, Ms Udari Ranaweera.

In total there are about 20 children in the class with a range of disabilities including autism, Down’s syndrome.

One deaf student is also getting a proper hearing test and a digital hearing aid thanks to CIMA’s help.

The opening ceremony was held on Sunday 12th February and featured a lot of colourful dancing, as well as speeches from a number of guests including CIMA’s Abdul Qadeer above.