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Flood relief

Posted on by Tharindu

Flood damage (1)Students at the computer centre joined together to help collect food and other necessary essentials for people affected by the devastating floods, which killed more than 100 people and wrecked nearly 2,000 homes in May.

Our computer centre manager, Tharindu, led the initiative with help from the Mahasenpura Old Students Association.

Among the items collected were: food, stationary, school bags, soap, toothpaste, nappies, clothes, water, pillows and sleeping mats.

We distributed the items to families in the Deniyaya area close to Matara in Southern Province as this was particularly badly affected.

Thanks to the generosity of our local community, we were able to help about 300 families. Many of the people who donated items have very little themselves.

Our efforts were further aided by the principal of Mahasenpura School, where the computer centre is based. His wife comes from one of the most badly affected towns, so was able to direct us to the areas, which needed most help.

Nisansala’s job

Posted on by Tharindu

We were very pleased when we were able to help our intern, Nisansala, find a job.Nisnasala_Piyasiri_electronics-300x200

She is now working at an electronics shop in Tissamaharama as a computer operator.

Before that, she was with us as an intern for a couple of years, giving the students practical advice and help alongside our MCCC teachers.

We chose her because she had shown great aptitude when she first came to the centre as part of community batch XXIII after she finished her A-levels.