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Moraketiyara School Toilet

Posted on by Jackie

Moraketiyara toilet 2018.06 (8)Thanks to John and Sandra Moppett, one of the toilet blocks at Moraketiyara School has been renovated.

The Moppetts first got involved with the school after the Tsunami in 2004.

Its setting on the coastal road, very close to Tangalle, meant that it was one of the worst affected schools by the waves, which caused extensive destruction to the area.

Working through the Rotary Club of Okehampton, John and Sandra helped to raise funds to build a new two-story building for the students.

When they visited Sri Lanka on holiday in 2017, they were keen to visit the school to see how it is getting on.

After being told the roof of their building is now sagging, they have launched a new fundraising drive for repairs and a campaign to persuade the government to find the cash to make it safer.

Their first project since returning to the UK has been the renovation of the staff toilets, which they personally funded themselves.

Their second project is chairs for the auditorium, which the Rotary Club of Okehampton is paying for.