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Piano Masterclass

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Davi'ds masterclass, Sri Dewananda School

Music teachers based around Hambantota received an immersion into Western piano music in December when London-based concert pianist, David Dean, visited Tissamaharama.

David gave a masterclass on the history of piano music from the Baroque through to the modern era before teaching a classical piece to a group of just under 20 teachers.

Sri Dewananda SchoolIn the afternoon, he also performed a special concert for the students at Sri Dewananda School, where the masterclass had been held.

He played a mix of traditional classical pieces such as Beethoven’s Fur Elise, which signals the arrival of the bread van in Sri Lanka, plus nursery rhymes for the younger children such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

SRI noted that the song, which got everyone tapping their feet the most, was “I wan’na be like you” from the Jungle Book.

HSBC Community Clothing

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Kande Viharaya TempleHSBC donated boxes of unused branch uniforms to SRI this autumn as part of its commitment to re-cycling within its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

We worked with local village officials and the chief priest at Kande Viharaya Temple to find families from the surrounding villages that would benefit from the clothing.

Kande Viharaya Temple


The Reverend Kadapana Gunananda Thero arranged a handing over ceremony at the temple for about 170 families in late November.

Some of the clothing also went to Nadigamwila School to be used by the school band.

SRI would like to thank HSBC’s Stuart Tait for coming over from Hong Kong to attend the ceremony and visit the school.Kande Viharaya Temple

He was joined by Stuart Rogers and Dilini Fernando from HSBC Colombo who also drove down for the day.


KWT Science Lab Renovation

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Mary's Science LabThe generosity of British scientist Mary Sweeney lives on at Kawantissapura School thanks to a bequest in her will.

Mary was a researcher into Huntington’s disease based in the neurogenetics unit at University College London.

She was also a friend of SRI for many years before she died of cancer in 2017.

She had previously sponsored a young student who also tragically died of the same disease a few years earlier.

Mary's Science Lab

Thanks to her kindness and generosity, we were able to renovate and refurbish a science lab in her name at Kawantissapura School, which lies on the main Tissa to Katharagama Road.

The lab was completely re-modeled, leading to a new concrete floor and tiling, plus a proper ceiling for the first time.

The children love it and we hope that having a well-fitted science lab will inspire them to follow in Mary’s footsteps and become scientists too.

Shangri-La Garage Sale

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Shangri La garage sale Q4 2The Shangri-La Golf Resort and Spa in Hambantota held another of its quarterly garage sales in December.

This time the hotel raised Rs68,020 towards a school library renovation fund after selling off lost and found items.

Thanks to the hotel’s great efforts over the past couple of years, SRI is now close to raising the full amount to renovate Madavalana School Library.