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HSBC Computer Donation

Posted on by Jackie

HSBC computer donation 1Thanks to HSBC, which donated 15 used computers that it no longer needed at its offices in Colombo following IT upgrades.

The donation created a win-win situation for all involved. It helped the bank to improve its environmental footprint by making sure that the computer hardware did not go to waste.

And it is hugely beneficial to the schools as they receive much-needed equipment enjoying a second lease of life.

We kept some of the computers at our main regional training centre (the MCCC) for parts replacement and donated the rest.

Ranminithenna Computer Donation 2 copyTwo computers went to Vidyartha School, which has a newly-decorated IT lab but only two computers working out of a total of 13. Unfortunately, the rest are not fixable.

Another two went to Beralihella School. The small rural school has an IT teacher, but no computers so these were a very welcome addition.

Tharindu and the MCCC team also conducted an awareness session for grade 10 and 11 students, plus their parents to explain the benefits of studying ICT.

A further two computers wen to Ikkapalama School. This school had five already in operation and a very dedicated IT teacher.

Finally, we donated one computer and one monitor to Ranminithenna School.