The Sri Team

  • Mr Jayasinghe

    As project manager of SRI, I run the office and all the charity‚Äôs programmes.  

    I am very happy here because I am very interested in education and the environment.

    Whenever I go to the schools, I try to make environmentally friendly children.

    I am married with two sons, Pankaja and Mathisa who are ten and four years old. 

    But as well as my family, I also love elephants.

    Before SRI, I spent 10 years working in elephant conservation at the Centre for Conservation and Research in Colombo. 

    I spent a lot of my time in the field, putting radio collars on wild elephants to track them.

    I have followed a Wildlife Conservation Management Course with the Open University. 

    SRI also paid for me to complete an Advanced Project Management Course with the National Institute of Business Management in Colombo.


  • Mr Jinasena

    I work as a security guard at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre. 

    I am 47 years old and I am happy to say that this place is a very important education centre for those who seek computer knowledge.

    If you don't have the money to learn that's fine as they teach here 100% free. SRI works very actively and devoutly to help students with their studies, especially giving scholarships to those who have financial issues with their families.

    All my children have learnt computing at this cenre. My daughter Thajika is 19 years old andworked as a volunteer after her O-levels. 

    My son Rashmika is 17 years old and he has also studied for the Microsoft Certificate Course.

    My youngest daughter is 11 years old and she has also followed a kids' course.


  • Mr Nuwan

    I have been working as a computer hardware technician and teacher at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre since it opened. 

    I am 29 years old and have lived in Tissa all my life.

    My father is a farmer and my mother is a good housewife. 

    I got my job here after I did some basic computer training, but SRI has helped me to get hardware and networking qualifications so I can repair machines for the charity.

    As well as teaching at the centre, I also visit lots of schools in the area where SRI has given computers. 

    I make sure they are working well and bring new parts for them.

    I am very happy with my duty and service to the remote people in this area.


  • Mr Sanjeewa

    My name is Sanjeewa but Jaya, Mark and Jackie always call me Mr Teddy because they say I look like a teddy bear. 

    I am the Project Officer at SRI and I have been working here since 2007.

    Before that I was a safari driver and it is still my hobby as I love to see wild animals. 

    I live at home with my parents and because I am Buddhist, I don't like to drink alcohol.

    I am very happy working at SRI because the charity is doing many things to help children in my area. 

    I went to Mahasenpura School where we have our big computer centre and it makes me happy to see the children learning many new things.

  • Mr Somasiri

    I have been working as a security guard at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre since it opened. 

    I am 59 years old and I live very close to the centre with my wife Dayawathi. She is a good housewife and mother to my son and daughter.

    My son is now an employee and my daughter was a student at Mahasenpura School before moving to a bigger school near Galle.

    We are using all of my salary from SRI to pay for her to board there.

    I am very happy with my duties at SRI and very happy to work with the other officers. 

    I think this is a good chance for all of us in this area to learn about computing as well as having a job to do.


  • Mr Tharindu

    I am the manager cum computer teacher at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre.

     I am 30 years old and I have been with SRI since 2007. Before that I worked as a Programme Assistant in the Child Protection Division of an NGO based in Hambantota.

    Since I have been at SRI I have done courses including a diploma course in computer hardware and networking at IDM, a web design course at UCSC in Colombo and several other courses in MS Office in desktop publishing.

    I am very happy to work at the centre because I attended Mahasenpura School during my school days. 

    I like to work with the Directors of SRI and with my staff as I can discuss anything with all of them and get their fullest help for the good work we are trying to do.

    I think this centre offers a great opportunity for my people in this area to improve their skills free of money and to use information technology to find out about the world we are linked to.

    Since I came to SRI, I married my wife and now we have a small daughter called Messandi who is three years old and a new born son called Gesandu.



  • Mrs Nimeshika

    I have been working as the finance manager at SRI for five years. I attended Debarawewa National College and that is the one of the schools SRI is supporting to improve education facilities.  

    I am married and I have two daughters, Nethu and Sawwindi. 

    In my leisure time my hobby is growing plants and learning lots of new things. 

    I believe I was lucky to join with SRI to help poor schools and people in villages near where I was born. 

    Currently I am studying a computer software engineering course. 

    Finally I am proud of myself as when we see the developed schools in Tissamaharama area and intelligent school children and community peoples being helped by SRI - I am also a partner in that development.

  • Mrs Thushari

    I am a computer teacher at the Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre and I have been here since it opened. 

    I am 28 years old and I am married with a husband called Mahesh.

    I also have three brothers and two sisters. SRI is sponsoring my brother to go to university in Galle. 

    My father, Mr Siril, is a farmer and my mother, Makanthi, is a good mother to all of us.

    My hometown is Hambantota, but I attended to Debarawewa School in Tissamaharama. 

    After my A-Levels I studied English and computing and I have been following an HND course at IDM in Tangalle with the help of SRI.

    As well as teaching I also manage student attendance at the centre.