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World Children’s Day

Posted on by Jaya

World Childrens Day 2019 2It was great to celebrate World Children’s Day on October 1st with 60 students and teachers from Sri Rohana school, which is situated near the entrance to Sri Lanka’s Lunugamvehera National Park.

A very big thanks to park warden, Chintaka Abeyrathna, for laying on lots of jeeps so the grade 9,10 and 11 students could visit the park and see the wild animals for the first time, while learning how he and his team maintain it.

World Childrens Day 2019 1SRI paid for lunch and tea at two different circuit bungalows deep inside the park.

Before they set off in the jeeps, I explained the importance of environmental conservation and how the tourism industry can play a role in protecting the country’s natural resources and boosting their family incomes.


World Elephant Day

Posted on by Jaya

Jaya elephants 2We held an awareness day for World Elephant Day on August 12 with students from Nadigamwila’s Environmental Club and Dr Prithiviraj Fernando, one of Sri Lanka’s foremost elephant conservationists, who founded and runs the Centre for Conservation and Research (CCR).

The first stop was SRI’s office where I demonstrated how radio tracking aids conservation efforts, alongside one of Dr Fernando’s officers.

The students also learnt about human-elephant conflict, which is a big problem in Sri Lanka because villagers keep encroaching on home ranges to build new houses or plant crops. Each year this leads to the deaths of about 80 people and 250 elephants.

Elephants Yala 2 2We then got in two jeeps to travel to Yala National Park, which the students had not visited before even though it is on their doorstep.

We had lunch on the beach and then viewed a herd of elephants and two bull elephants that had been tagged.

The students were able to observe animal behaviour at close quarters.

Seeing other tourists taking photos from their jeeps was also very useful as it helped to show the students that elephants are a revenue generator for the country and not a nuisance for villages trying to expand in areas close to the park.


Employment Skills

Posted on by Tharindu

Employment SkillsThis June we held an employment skills seminar at the MCCC led by Sarath Kumara, the owner of the Hibiscus Garden Hotel in Tissa.

The seminar was organised for A-level and post A-level students to help them identify future careers and the best approach they can take to appeal to potential employers.

The hotel owner emphasized the importance of a good CV, plus undertaking work experience to demonstrate enthusiasm and teamwork.

One student in particular expressed an interest in becoming a chef and will be given additional mentorship by the hotel.

Dehigahalanda Science Lab

Posted on by Jaya

Dehigahalanda Science Lab before 2This school has been transformed thanks to ongoing help from the nearby Shangri-La Golf Resort & Spa in Hambantota.

Dehigahalanda School is the main local beneficiary of the hotel’s group-wide Embrace project, which improves educational opportunities as part of its CSR remit.

SRI has also been partnering with the hotel for the past two years, collecting revenues from its quarterly garage sales for a renovation project.

This June, we were delighted to project manage the refurbishment of the school’s science lab, which was in dire need of repair. Dehigahalanda Science Lab 1

The opening ceremony also tied in with the resort’s third anniversary and was attended by general manager, Moshi Perera, and CSR manager, Palinda Perera.

The school’s principal, Thibbotuwawa Dharmasiri, did a great job helping to organize the welcome ceremony as he does running the school, which serves grades one to 13.

SRI has previously refurbished a classroom to create a special needs centre and is funding a special needs assistant thanks to sponsorship from CIMA’s Sri Lankan chapter.

Chinese Teaching

Posted on by Jackie

Jill Chinese teaching 2SRI would like to extend a big thanks to Jill Goh who has been a volunteer Chinese teacher for the past year.

Jill, who is originally from Indonesia, lives in Colombo and has been teaching mandarin to a number of individual students from the Hambantota area – partly remotely and partly in person.

Pictured above is Jill with Susantha Prasad, a local accountant, who wanted to learn the language so he could engage much better with his colleagues at the Chinese company he works at.

Ranminthana Hardware Donation

Posted on by admin

davThis school has a very dedicated IT teacher who always support the students to do their studies.

We donated some hardware items, repaired two computers and installed operating systems into three computers.

We donated the following parts using HSBC’s sponsorship: a keyboard, a mouse, a speaker set and two monitors.

Nuwan was aided by Shamil Kalhara, an ICT student from grade 10 at the school. This was a great opportunity for Shamil to gain some practical experience.

Mahasenpura Hardware Donation

Posted on by Tharindu

Mahasenpura repairs 1Mahasenpura school is the place where the centre is located and it also has its own separate computer room that we help to maintain.

Buddhi from Diploma Class V joined Nuwan to gain some practical experience in repairing the computers recently.

Thanks to HSBC’s sponsorship, we were able to donate three mouses, three keyboards, one power unit,  one RAM card and one speaker set.

Osuwinna Hardware Donation

Posted on by Tharindu

Osuwina hardware donation 4This was one of the first computer labs we established back in September 2007. Since then, another SRI donor Cate Thomas, has re-built it.

When hardware manager, Nuwan went to visit, eight of the 11 computers were not working properly. Thanks to HSBC’s sponsorship, we were able to fix them all with new parts: one mouse, two keyboards, three power units, one RAM card and one speaker set.

Nuwan was aided by Punsara Hasanga (pictured above), one of the students from his Hardware Batch V Class.

This was a great opportunity for Punsara to gain some practical experience. Together they installed the new parts and upgarded the software.

Kawantisssapura Hardware Donation

Posted on by Tharindu

Kawantissapura donationThis rural school has eight computers, but two had hardware issues and three had software issues.

Once again thanks to HSBC’s donation, we were able to fix them by donating one mouse, one keyboard, two power units and two RAM cards.

Deputy MCCC manager, Nuwan, was ably assisted by Punsara Hasanga from his Hardware Batch V class

Vidyartha Hardware Donation

Posted on by Tharindu

Vidyartha donation 2This school has a very dedicated IT teacher who always participates in all the MCCC’s events and competitions so it is one we are always glad to assist.

It teaches right up to A-levels and has 13 computers, of which five were damaged when Nuwan went to visit.

He taught two grade nine students – LGU Amayuru and T Sandinu  – how to help him fix the computers.

We donated the following parts using HSBC’s sponsorship: two mouses, five keyboards, three power units, one speaker set, two RAM cards

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