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Employment Skills

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Employment SkillsThis June we held an employment skills seminar at the MCCC led by Sarath Kumara, the owner of the Hibiscus Garden Hotel in Tissa.

The seminar was organised for A-level and post A-level students to help them identify future careers and the best approach they can take to appeal to potential employers.

The hotel owner emphasized the importance of a good CV, plus undertaking work experience to demonstrate enthusiasm and teamwork.

One student in particular expressed an interest in becoming a chef and will be given additional mentorship by the hotel.

Osuwinna Hardware Donation

Posted on by Tharindu

Osuwina hardware donation 4This was one of the first computer labs we established back in September 2007. Since then, another SRI donor Cate Thomas, has re-built it.

When hardware manager, Nuwan went to visit, eight of the 11 computers were not working properly. Thanks to HSBC’s sponsorship, we were able to fix them all with new parts: one mouse, two keyboards, three power units, one RAM card and one speaker set.

Nuwan was aided by Punsara Hasanga (pictured above), one of the students from his Hardware Batch V Class.

This was a great opportunity for Punsara to gain some practical experience. Together they installed the new parts and upgarded the software.

Kawantisssapura Hardware Donation

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Kawantissapura donationThis rural school has eight computers, but two had hardware issues and three had software issues.

Once again thanks to HSBC’s donation, we were able to fix them by donating one mouse, one keyboard, two power units and two RAM cards.

Deputy MCCC manager, Nuwan, was ably assisted by Punsara Hasanga from his Hardware Batch V class

Vidyartha Hardware Donation

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Vidyartha donation 2This school has a very dedicated IT teacher who always participates in all the MCCC’s events and competitions so it is one we are always glad to assist.

It teaches right up to A-levels and has 13 computers, of which five were damaged when Nuwan went to visit.

He taught two grade nine students – LGU Amayuru and T Sandinu  – how to help him fix the computers.

We donated the following parts using HSBC’s sponsorship: two mouses, five keyboards, three power units, one speaker set, two RAM cards

HSBC Colombo HQ Visit

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HSBC MCCC Visit 3As part of its MCCC sponsorship, HSBC invited a group of students to its Colombo HQ this month. We took a group of students from our one-year diploma and post A-level classes along with a few of their parents.

Many of the students had never visited Colombo before and certainly not to a big organisation like HSBC.

In addition to seeing how a modern office works, the students also gained valuable insights from its officers about how to think about their future careers and why studying IT is an important component of that.

Nadigamwila Networking

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Nadigamwila networking 1This school has one of the most dedicated principals in the whole area and a good IT lab, which lacked one thing: a network.

So Nuwan set this up for them with the help of Lakshan from his diploma class at the MCCC.

The two also fixed a number of harware and software issues among the 10 computers. They needed three new mouses and eight of the computers needed a new operating system.

Now the computers are networked it will be very easy for the teacher to share files among the students

MCCC Intern

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Akila AyeshWelcome to Akila Ayesh who has joined the MCCC as its new intern.

We got to know Akila when he studied for the Microsoft Certificate Course in the autumn of 2018.

Instead of going to university, he had decided to prioritize gaining some vocational qualifications in the IT field as he would eventually like to set up a computer repairs shop.

In addition to working at the MCCC, Akila is also gaining work experience through a part-time job at a local communications shop in Tissa and doing some video editing.

We have also been very impressed with his enthusiasm and dedication.

Uduwila Hardware Donation

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Uduwila hardware donation 3Pictured left are three of the four diploma class students from the MCCC that Nuwan took with him to gain practical experience repairing computers at Uduwila School. .

All four have volunteered to continue fixing computers at their locals schools, which will be a great help to Nuwan in the future.

Thanks to HSBC’s donation, we were able to fix the school’s 12 computers. In total, the group needed to install a new operating system into three computers and provide the following hardware items: three mouses, four power units, one motherboard, one hard disc, one speak set, one monitor and two power cables

Ikkapalama Hardware Donation

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Ikkapalama Computer DonationThis school has a very dedicated IT teacher who is closely involved with the MCCC so is always on Nuwan’s round for repairs.

This time he took three students from his diploma class at the MCCC – Chathuma, Chathuruwani and Sachini – to help him.

All 12 computers received a new operating system and we also donated and/or installed the following hardware items: four mouses, two keyboards, one LCD monitor, one power unit and one speaker set.

This school has nine students in grade 11 and 15 students in grade 10 following ICT so the repairs will make a big difference

Awareness Seminars

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This January, we held IT awareness seminars for the MCCC at Osuwinna, Ranminithena and Uduwila Schools.

The sessions target grade nine students and their parents, explaining why IT is such an important subject to study either for O-levels or by attending a course at the centre.

These are all rural schools and nearly all the parents have farming backgrounds so computers do not feature in their day-to-day lives in the way that there are likely to for their children when they join the workforce.

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