Sumudu Pre-School Sponsorship

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Sumudu Pre-schoolA big thanks once again to Cate Thomas, her partner Ron Sidell and her brother John Skutsch for renewing their annual sponsorship of one of the teachers at Sumudu pre-school in Lunugamvehera.

The Montessori school, which they built nine years ago continues to thrive thanks to their ongoing investment.

The school now has 25 students, overseen by one teacher and one assistant.

This November I also attended their annual show.

Shangri-La Garage Sale

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Shangri La Garage saleThe Shangri-La Golf Resort and Spa in Hambantota held another of its quarterly garage sales in July.

This time the hotel raised Rs40,400 towards a school library renovation fund after selling off lost and found items.

Thanks to the hotel’s great efforts over the past couple of years, the library fund now stands at close to a quarter of a million rupees.

Moraketiyara School Toilet

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Moraketiyara toilet 2018.06 (8)Thanks to John and Sandra Moppett, one of the toilet blocks at Moraketiyara School has been renovated.

The Moppetts first got involved with the school after the Tsunami in 2004.

Its setting on the coastal road, very close to Tangalle, meant that it was one of the worst affected schools by the waves, which caused extensive destruction to the area.

Working through the Rotary Club of Okehampton, John and Sandra helped to raise funds to build a new two-story building for the students.

When they visited Sri Lanka on holiday in 2017, they were keen to visit the school to see how it is getting on.

After being told the roof of their building is now sagging, they have launched a new fundraising drive for repairs and a campaign to persuade the government to find the cash to make it safer.

Their first project since returning to the UK has been the renovation of the staff toilets, which they personally funded themselves.

Their second project is chairs for the auditorium, which the Rotary Club of Okehampton is paying for.

Shangri-La Garage Sale

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The Shangri-La Golf Resort and Spa in Hambantota held its fourth garage sale at the end of March.

The hotel raised a total of Rs52,100 over a two day period from the sale of lost and found items, plus donations from hotel staff.

As a result of the latest sale, the hotel has raised just over Rs200,000 from a series of sales, which are being used to fund the renovation of a school library in Tissamaharama.

HSBC’s Student Sponsorship

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DSC_9997We were delighted that HSBC’s CS Manager, Dilini Fernando, came to visit us in February to meet some of the roughly 200 students the bank is sponsoring.

Pictured are some of the A-level students from Tangalle Girls School giving a thank you speech and explaining what the donation has meant to them.

HSBC is sponsoring students ranging from 15- to 16-year old preparing for their O-levels all the way through to university undergraduates as part of the celebrations of its 150th global anniversary.

MCCC Certificate Ceremony

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Certifcate ceremony 2018 (4) 2Our latest certificate awards ceremony was held in February at the Mahasenpura Community Community Centre (MCCC).

Students from classes XLV to LII came to collect their certificates while SRI Director, Jackie Horne was in Sri Lanka.

All the students had completed the three-month Microsoft Certificate Course studying Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.

Pictured, I give a speech thanking the students for their hard work and efforts.


Sri Dewananda IT Lab Renovation

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It was very pleasing to help facilitate the renovation of Sri Dewananda Computer Lab.I T lab Dewananda (3)

It is a large school with 700 students up to A-level, but only had one working computer.

There had been 20 computers at one time, donated by the Asian Development Bank.

However, they progressively all broke and although SRI was able to keep fixing them with new parts, the school was eventually down to just one computer.

It was very generous of Sri Lanka’s largest private sector bank, Commercial Bank to step in with the funding for the project, which was overseen by its branch manager in Tissamaharama, Syamal Fernando.

The regional branch manager, Janaka Sooriyaarchchi, also attended the opening ceremony alongside SRI trustee Mark Bucknall, who was over from the UK and the former school principal, Mrs Ramaya.

National Reconciliation Convention

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SirisenaAt the end of October, I participated at this convention as one of 33 members representing the government and NGOs from Hambantota District.

We all travelled by mini bus to the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo.

The convention was organised by the Ministry of National Co-Existence, Dialogue and Official Languages.

There were about 5,000 social workers and NGOs from across the country.

Our President, Maithripala Sirisena gave a speech where he discussed why Sri Lanka needs a new constitution so all members of society work together and gunfire is never heard in our country again.



KG03 TV donation

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TV Donation KG 03 school 2017.10 (2)We would like to thank HSBC, which has been a huge support to the charity over the past decade.

Its latest donation comprises seven TVs, which we have donated to schools in the Tissa area.

All of the computers have 40 inch screens and were formerly installed in the bank’s offices and branches in Colombo.

The donation to KG03 primary school is particularly apt since HSBC also funded the construction of a library here a few years ago.

The room now has a TV as well.

Kandagasmankada TV donation

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TV Donation Kendagasmankada school 2017.10 (3)This is the third TV donation we have made to a special needs unit thanks to the generosity of HSBC, which has donated seven TVs.

The monitors, which have 40 inch screens, were formally used at the Bank’s offices and branches in Colombo.

Special needs children really benefit from being able to watch and learn from TV programmes and this school as a unit with 16 children.

The school itself was started in 1980 a part of the Lunugamvehera irrigation project.

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