Computer Equipment

  • Uduwila IT lab
  • Mahasenpura Community Computer Centre (MCCC)

Computer equipment is highly sought after and hugely valued in Sri Lanka. Normally, it is the first thing principals request when we visit their schools. 

But it is expensive. 

A teacher earns about US$150 a month. A computer costs a multiple of this. 

A basic assembled computer retails at about US$300 and has an average life of about four years. 

Install software, anti virus packages and a UPS on top of this and the cost rises above US$400. 

Add a printer, a dongle and paying the electricity bill and it becomes completely unaffordable for any school. 

It is also important to consider the environment they are housed in.

This is why we seal classrooms to protect computers from the elements and pay for the school to be connected to the electricity grid if it isn’t already. 

To date, we have given computer equipment to 19 different schools, with the average number of computers per school set at around six. 

This is in addition to the MCCC which has 23 networked computers, projectors, printers.


Debarwewa Allagala School, Gamunupura School, Debarawewa Presidents Primary College, Gangeyaya School, Kawantissapura School, KG 01 Primary School, Kirindagama Primary School, Sith Sevana Mentally Handicapped Children's Home, KG 05 School, Mulana School, Nadigamwila School, Osuwinna School, Pustollamulla School, Ranminithanna School, Tissapura School, Uddakandara Temple, Uduwila School, Welligattha School, Weerahela School, Yatalatissa Primary School, Karambagalmulla Primary School, Mahasenpura School, Tissa MV School, Usbim School, Beragama Janapada Vidalaya School, Ellagala School, Pallemalala School, Yahangala School, Pallematta Primary, Telulla School, Swarnajina Temple, Gunalankara Buddhist Centre, Sri Dewananda Central College