Library Books

  • Saturday library at Uduwila School
  • SRI's maritime theme at Kithulkote Library
  • Reading Sherlock Holmes in Ikkapalama Library

Life is full of surprises, but we were genuinely shocked when we first arrived in Tissa and saw how few books children had. 

Many schools had no libraries and those that did often had barren shelves, or cabinets with books padlocked inside them. 

But as we learnt more about Sri Lanka, we discovered this was not really very surprising at all. 

The hot climate means books deteriorate quickly and schools have few resources to buy new ones.

So the ones they have are precious – too valuable for the children to damage.

We have tried to rectify this.

Firstly, we have increased the number of set texts, which children need to complete the school syllabus. 

Instead of four or five children sharing the same book, we have tried to bring the number down to one book per pupil.

Secondly, we have tried to encourage a love of reading by buying lots of novels – whether that be colourful books with big pictures for primary school children, or literature for older children and adults. 

We also strive to keep a broad range: from Sinhalese classics by authors like Martin Wickramasinghe to translations of Harry Potter and Tintin.

Books of this calibre are not available in the whole of the Hambantota region. To get them, a child would have to go to Galle or Colombo, both over four hours away by bus.

To date, we have donated books to 25 different schools, sometimes making multiple donations, bringing the overall total up to 42.


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