School Building Repairs

  • Osuwinna library and computer block under renovation
  • Osuwinna Library and Computer Block post renovation
  • Waterlines installed at Ikkapalama Junior School
  • SRI funded murals at Mulana School

Lack of funding and in some cases, the impact of the Tsunami, means that most schools have very poor building infrastructure.

The schools do the best they can, but in so many cases, the school building is little more than a shell with desks and chairs. 

Doors and windows are a luxury that few schools can afford.

The need for good ventilation in such a hot climate means that open gaps are seen as preferable to sealed classrooms. 

Glass is expensive and the schools do not have the budget for fans, or air conditioning.

But the downside is that the classrooms are completely exposed to wild animals and theft. 

This makes it difficult for the children to hang any art work on the walls, or for the teachers to store equipment.

A good solution is metal grilles. These let the air flow through, but prevent animals getting in.

In a number of schools we have also built partitions between classes so children can concentrate on their own lessons rather than having to listen to the teacher in the class “next door.”  

At Osuwinna School, for example, we have partitioned the entire school.

We put permanent partitions in the junior school block and temporary partitions in the senior school block. 

This means the school can still use the space for assemblies and other events when it needs to.

In total, we have completed renovation work at 16 schools. 


Debarwewa Allagala School, Gangeyaya School, Ikkapallama School, KG 01 Primary School, Sith Sevana Mentally Handicapped Children's Home, Mulana School, Nadigamwila School, Osuwinna School, Tissapura School, Uduwila School