Science Labs

  • Uduwila Science Lab
  • The aliens have landed at Nadigamwila School
  • Tissapura Science Lab

Very few Sri Lankan schools have proper science labs and it is an area we would like to concentrate on more in the future.

To date we have built three labs – at Tissapura, Uduwila and Nadigamwila schools

In all three cases, we renovated disused classrooms by sealing them from the weather, installing a water line and big benches so the students can perform experiments. 

We also bought equipment including microscopes and chemicals.

Science labs are a natural extension of our other projects at the three schools, rounding out the facilities they are able to offer children in the area.

We were particularly glad we could help Tissapura School through a donation from the Yala Fund. 

Its principal, Mr Samansiri, is a science enthusiast and before we could give him proper facilities, we would often find him outside his office conducting alfresco experiments with groups of children.  

He made up for a lack of equipment by improvising with bits of wire and wood to create electronic circuits and other gadgets.  

Sometimes it seemed the only thing he lacked was the sticky back plastic!!


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