Sponsored Teachers

  • Teaching Sinhalese at Kirinda Muslim School
  • Teaching English at Kande Viharaya Temple
  • Uddakandara Temple Sunday School
  • Learning English at Kande Viharaya Temple

Every single school in Sri Lanka relies on volunteer teachers to keep them going and we are frequently asked for sponsorship. 

This is an area we would like to expand, but it requires an ongoing commitment to make sure individual teachers are not left high and dry.

During the past five years, we have sponsored an array of different teachers over contracted periods from a science teacher at Osuwinna School, to a computer teacher at Uddakandara temple. 

We have also established two English classes at Kande Viharaya temple, which have been running since 2007 and helped hundreds of children to improve their English. 

Sunday school is an important part of a child’s life in Sri Lanka.

However, lessons are not geared towards religious instruction, but teaching children how to become valuable members of society.

In 2010, we also set up an English class at Bundala National Park at the request of the Department of Wildlife. 

We had been working closely with the department to improve environmental awareness through a schools programme and we thought it would be worthwhile to help the rangers to improve their communication with tourists coming to the park as well.

One school we would like to give more help to Kirinda Muslim School. 

This school is in a very remote area and was devastated by the Tsunami.

Save the Children re-built the school, but it does not have the resources to keep children on after O-level.

Students who want to study A-levels are currently faced with an extremely long bus trip to and from Hambantota every day.

It is difficult for them to attend nearer schools because they speak a dialect of Malay rather than Sinhalese. 

We are trying to rectify this by sponsoring a Sinhalese teacher, Sarath Ranasinghe.

However, the Principal Mr Almudeen would also like to hire two volunteer A-level teachers giving them a monthly stipend of US$50 each. 


Bundala School, Debarawewa National College, Kande Viharaya Temple, Kirinda Muslim School, Uduwila School