There are a number of children's homes in the Hambantota district, but none are probably as beautiful, or as well managed as the Welani home, which is run by a local lawyer and his wife.

Few of the children are orphans. 

Instead they are drawn from abusive homes, or have been abandoned. 

However, Mr Bandara has done a fantastic job recreating a new family for them. 

The home consists of five cottages each with about 10 children and a house mother - normally the oldest girl.

Many of the children go to schools supported by SRI and we have held a number of parties at the home over the years. 

This included a Christmas party where we asked the children what they would like from Father Christmas. 

To a child, the answers were a uniform teddy bear (small children), doll (older girls) and car (older boys)!!

Top of Mr Bandara's wish list are funds to set up a community network.

This will allow his volunteers to watch out and support children who are "at risk" but still with their families, either because there's no more room at Welani or they hope the situation will stabilise.