We were recommended to help this temple by Nuwan, one of the teachers at our regional computer training centre, the MCCC.

The temple has come a long way since it was first founded.

At that time the whole area was covered by jungle and very few people were coming to the temple.

In the mid 1980's this started to change as new people moved into the area.

In recent years, the current chief priest has made big improvements including planting a Bo tree, building a small shrine room and accommodation for the priests. 

He has also set up many community activities to promote understanding within society including a fathers' association, women's association and young men's Buddhist association.

The temple also has a school (Sri Sobitha Privena), which trains secondary school age students and over who want to become priests. 

At the moment the school has 15 trainee priests and eight school children attending classes.

The chief priest believes it is very important that they learn English and IT so they can help to spread Dharma (wisdom) to the community.

As a result, we donated two used computers from the MCCC to the temple in June 2014.