• open-air classroom

For a long time this was one of SRI Director Mark's favourite schools.

He liked it because it was always so clean, tidy and well managed by its Principal, who was also the head priest at the neighbouring temple.

Since his retirement in 2010, that tradition has continued under the new Principal who has been a teacher at the school for many years.

But like most Sri Lankan schools, Ikkapallama had classrooms, which were totally open to the elements. 

Therefore, our top priority was installing wire mesh over the open window areas. 

This meant the school could store classroom equipment and put the pupils' handiwork up on the walls without fear of it being stolen or damaged by wild animals.

We did not have the funding to do the entire school and some classrooms are still open (see photo left).

Thanks to an individual donation in 2011 we have also been able to fit a waterline into all the junior school classrooms so the children can do some artwork and wash their hands.