The fishing village of Kirinda was devasted by the tsunami and many of the children at the schools lost their homes, family and livelihood. 

The school itself was re-built by Save The Children, so we have concentrated on providing the kind of soft support, which was still needed after it re-opened.

The Principal, Mr Alammuden, has always been very friendly and speaks excellent English unlike many of the Principals in the area. 

He personally recommends children for our sponsorship programme, many of whom were orphaned by the tsunami, or have lost their fathers at sea.

In recent years, we have also tried to help O-level leavers who cannot afford the two hour return bus journey to Hambantota to study for their A-levels once they leave the school.

In 2012, we began to sponsor a teacher who was working as an unpaid volunteer teaching the children Sinhalese - their first language is Malay.

And in 2013, we took the grade 10 and 11 students on their first school trip to the tea country, where the cool climate could nor provide a bigger contrast to hot and dusty Kirinda.