• SRI's maritime-themed library
This school is slightly north of our normal area of operation, but was recommended to us by the Zonal Director of Education in Wellawaya.

It is situated on the main road to Wellawaya and close to a town, but mainly serves the surrounding rural community so most of the children travel a long way to get to it. 

When the current Principal arrived in 2005, she says there were no grade five passes at the school.

Since then, she has made it her mission to show the parents the importance of a good education and to improve exam results.

With no government resources at her disposal, she set about the task by scheduling a lot of after-school and holiday classes.

And it seems to have worked, with four students passing the exam in 2012.

Our main project at the school has been the renovation of its library, thanks to sponsorship by HSBC.

Pre-renovation the library had no reading tables or open racks, just a few plastic chairs and a lot of dog-eared books. 

Post renovation it has lots of new books, proper furniture and has been decorated to draw the children in.

Mrs Coore says all the children are allowed to borrow three books at a time and can come in and read during free periods or breaks if it is not being used by other classes.

Games such as chess are also allowed.